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The 9 Nonfiction Signpost

No description

Margo Bell

on 6 January 2014

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Transcript of The 9 Nonfiction Signpost

Nonfiction Signposts
Part 2

Let's practice!
Graphic Features
When the author uses graphic features, such as charts, pictures, or graphs.
When the author addresses his opponent's ideas.

is basically someone who doesn't agree with the author.
When the author creates a
relationship between two ore more ideas, events, or things.

What does
mean? Basically it means "cause and effect."
When the author compares or contrasts something in the text.
When the author asks and answers his own questions in a text.
What are the similarities between two or more things?
What are the differences? How does this support the central idea/ argument in the text?
What tone is the author using when asking the
questions? How do the answers contribute to the
central idea/argument in the text?
What's the cause, or first part? What does that lead to (effect?) How does this causal relationship relate to the central idea/argument?
What are the two sides to the argument? How does my author respond to that argument?
What are these examples of? How does the visual
help me understand or connect to the information
in the text?
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