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Where are We? A brief history of the Penryn Campus

Sarah C Jane, Archivist and Special Collections Officer, 28 March 2014

Sarah Jane

on 12 January 2016

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Transcript of Where are We? A brief history of the Penryn Campus

Where Are We?

Nicholas de Tremough
1309 - First written reference to Nicholas de Tremough
1399 - Tremough as a farmed Meadow - few acres
C18th - Tremough as we recognise it
Tremow Academy for Young Gentlemen
‘Mr Barwis begs leave to acquaint his friends and the public that he has taken a large and commodious house called Tremow [sic] near Penryn…Mr Barwis flatters himself that the experience he has had in some of the principal schools in London …will recommend him to the attention of the public’
The Victorian Estate
Richard Gill and his Rhododendrons
The Convent School Years
A brief history of Penryn Campus
The Grotto
The University Years
Sarah C Jane
Archivist & Special Collections Officer
AC2010-003 Script for Danger My Ally
The Reading Room

L2 Tremough Library
Tre/moch - Pig Farm
The Sherborne Mercury 7 Jan 1799
With thanks to Royal Cornwall Museum
With thanks to Royal Cornwall Museum
1880 OS map
Richard Gill, Grose p47
With thanks to David Garwood
c1944 Photographs from Georgina Worth, AC2013-016
Dedication ceremony 1946, Grose p5
1999 - Estate Purchased by Combined Universities in Cornwall
2001 - Media Centre Opened
2003 - Design Centre Opened
2004 - First UoE Course at Penryn, including relocation of CSM
2010 - Performance Centre opened
2012 - Tremough Innovation Centre, ESI, AIR, The Exchange

To come... The Heart, SERFS....?
The Story of Tremough, Sue Bradbury
Tremough, Penryn, The Historic Estate, Margaret Grose
Tremough Resource list


Twitter: @FXArchives
For more information....
'Regardless of the extra buildings, the essence of Tremough remains'
Sue Bradbury
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