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Bullying Prezi

This is a Prezi about bulling by Tessa T, Alyssa E, Chani M, and Emma M.

tessa trower

on 15 April 2013

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Transcript of Bullying Prezi

Types Of Bullying! By,Tessa Trower, Chani Mckenzie, Alyssa Ellis
and Emma Meyer Cyber Bullying! Bullying Mental Not all bulling is punching, kicking, shoving, ect. Mental bulling is being mean using rude words or phrases. Mental bulling is the worst type of bulling. Leaving someone out of an activity is also a way to bully someone mentally. Sometimes this bulling leads to suicide!!! This type of bulling scars people for life. Hitting wounds dont last forever, you forget about them. With emotional bulling it is different. Those scars last for life. FOREVER!!! Gossiping Cyber bullying is mostly on the internet
Like Facebook,Twitter, texting and sometimes
emails! Gossiping is another type of bulliyng and it's not cool! Gossiping is anything from talking about one person,to spreading rumors about another person! All About Gossiping From kids in elementary, Texting! Middle School, Gossiping is in all ages, High School, Physical Bullying Physical Bullying is not cool! Physical bullying is when you punch, hit, kick, etc. It can happen anywhere........... And Also Adults. All about gossiping... such as school....... On the Internet! Work..... Spreading rumors....... A juicy tidbit from a friend, who heard it from another friend, who heard it from a person in the hall, who read it on a note passed in math class, which was written by somebody who probably just made it up.
Chances are, rumors and gossip are always floating around your school or community. That's totally normal. After all,

Topics on Gossip And Rumors:
Did You Hear?
What The Words Mean
Different Types
Why Do People Do It?
Why It Hurts,
Why It's Wrong
Breaking The Chain
When The Rumor's
About You
From the Mentors

everyone gossips-even parents, celebrities, and politicians. It's part of how we communicate and stay connected with other people's lives.
http://pbskids.org/itsmylife/friends/rumors/ Crying! or at home!!! Some facts about Cryber Bulling! 1. almost 43% of kids had been bullied online! (1 out of 4 kids has had it happen more than once!) Facts about Physical Bullying Affects of Physical bullying How to deal with gossiping.... 1 out of 10 victims will tell a parent or a adult about there bully!! •Physical injuries like bruises and cuts.
•Belongings, like books and notebooks are damaged.
•Children may find reasons after reasons not to attend classes every day.
•Being depressed.
•Being withdrawn.
•Low self-esteem.
•Displays of mood swings.
•Contemplating on committing suicide 2: found @http://bullyingfacts.info/physical-bullying/ Some ways to deal with spreading rumors or people talking about you is.... to ignore them.. Three things to stop cyber bullying!!!!! or tell an adult. or talk to them about what they said in a polite way........... if someone is message your mean things just stop and block that number them tell a trusted adult!! Things not to do... Don't talk about that person because then you become the bully and it only makes matters worse Don't accuse somebody if you are not sure it was them.... Don't watch it happen...ask them to stop in a pollite way. Video !!! this is what physical bullying looks like....... no kids were harmed! It does not matter who you are, you have talked about somebody some time in your life in someway. Ways to make it stop! Tell an adult Ask them to stop nicely Tell the teachers or your boss if your an adult. rumors kill you might just bully somebody because somebody else does it and they are''cool''............. any type of bullying hurts people.
weather its cyber,gossiping,menatl,physical or anytype of bullying it all hurts. words hurt take a stand dont just watch it happen These IT'S TIME TO.....
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