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FLN 22.04.10

Toolkit prezis for FLN

Jeff Mason

on 15 June 2010

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Transcript of FLN 22.04.10

Foundation Learning Toolkit Ways to Assess the Starting
Points of Learners Explore the range of Foundation Learners
Describe key considerations when providing IAG for Foundation Learners
Identify ways of accrediting learning in early engagement via QCF.
my PAL Who are the Learners? Not L2 threshold unsuitable for GCSE learning Learners on Engagement Programmes spiky profiles at risk of disengagement learners on alternate provision learners on E2E programmes ? on entry level or L1 courses LLDD How will Foundation Learners
be referred? Who will need information about FL
in order to support the learners?
(handout 2.3) Learners p arents & carers Internal IAG
providers external IAG providers
(ie Connexions) Initial assessment functional skills Embedded within English, Maths and ICT programmes of study Assessing Pupil Progress
(APP) Commercially available products. Vocational / Subjects skills self assessment
peer assessment
observed activity
oral questions
witness testimonies
skills profilers
vocational / subject tasters / projects. who might be involved? Tutors
WBL staff
others? Personal and Social Development How do we assess personal and social development needs? what range of skills do you assess?
What methods do you use?
How is assessment recorded? richard.smith2@telford.gov.uk PLTS & SEAL St Lukes's Development Project
http://excellencegateway.org.uk/page.aspx?o=262536 Accrediting Learning during initial engagment / assessment using QCF
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