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David Baszucki

No description

Mitchell Hwalisz

on 23 October 2013

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Transcript of David Baszucki

David Baszucki
The Creator of Roblox
David Baszucki created what is known worldwide as the game Minecraft copied. It's called Roblox, and it has over 40,000,000 people playing . That number wasn't a typo. That's how many people play Roblox.
A car in Minecraft (this is one of the good ones)
A car in Roblox (This is one of the sort of good ones)
See the difference?
Before Roblox
Baszucki started out in life founding a company called Knowledge Revolution.
Knowledge Revolution
While at Knowledge Revolution, Baszucki made a program called Interactive Physics.
Roblox started in 2005, almost four years before Minecraft was released. As Baszucki and the other Roblox creators developed it, it grew into a very good game.
Building game Boom
Roblox was the first of its kind. This was a game that went beyond 2D physics games and shaped the online building game generation into what it is now. Without Roblox, there would be no Minecraft.
While creating Roblox, David and the other administrators had a talk. How do you improve an already good game? Answer: Give it customization!
The power of teamwork gets you where you want to go
David Baszucki is the man who, in a small computer room in California, changed everything. But he couldn't have done it alone.
One Influential Guy
This just goes to show that you can change the world by doing just one single thing. David Baszucki did that.
What will you build?
Because of David's love for physics, Roblox is a very real reality, and tons of people are playing it. Are you?
1963 - Born
1981 - Was General Motors scholar in Electrical Engineering at Stanford University
1989 - Founded Knowledge Revolution Inc.
1999 - became Vice President and General Manager of the Working Knowledge Division at MSC Software Corporation
2004 - Founded ROBLOX Corporation, currently serves as CEO

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