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Danielle Hickey

on 2 August 2013

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Transcript of Untitled Prezi

Project Description.
We took walks around the community , we researched the solutions, and picked the pros and cons of each project. And decided if it was feasible.
College And Career Readiness
We had an action plan and we used problem solving, and collaborated with people around the city and taught us about service learning.
We learned about photosynthesis and plant parts, how to make a sundial, waste management, and food webs. For math we learned measurements, data collecting and graphs. For technology we researched and presented.
CPSS was a welcoming and rewarding experience. Working with a group was a lot easier then solo because it divides up the work. We had to work as a group, to get everything done! :)

Define Service learning
The three legs of the stool are academic integrity, student ownership, and apprentice citizenship. We played the service learning game and matched the problem to the correct headings and we had guest speakers. The guest speakers talked to us about service learning and being a good citizen.
We took community walks to see what problems were in our community and we talked to store owners to find out what they thought were problems. We had Ms. Quinto and Mr. Macdonald come visit to talk to us about problems also. Out on our community walks we identified garbage, unfinished construction, graffitti, lack of signs, no places for teens, and unusable spaces.
Research Solutions
Our goal here was to research possible solutions for problems we have found in our community.
Discover Needs & Problems
Investigate problems
We did research online and saw the causes and effects, looked for solutions to the problems.
Decide on a Project
How we decide to choose our project was, we listed the pro's and con's for each topic. After this we debated and then voted (between the CYC & The Courtyard).....the courtyard won by 1 VOTE! What a tight race!
Implement the plan
We called the resources that we needed and got donations from Home Depot to use in the courtyard. We had Mr. Sondrini come in and look at the trees, then Mr. Stokes, Mr. Phair and Mr. Nason cut them down for us. We weeded and took out all the garbage.
Implement the plan
Evaluate the impacts
We made a impact by giving kids a place to eat and take classes out in the courtyard. We have not fully finished it but our courtyard club will pick up where we left off.
Plan The Project
We planned the project by having committees, dividing the tasks, making timelines, and having a blueprint to help guide us.
Connections To Standards
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