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Dota 2 Courier

No description

Marcus Kirk

on 28 January 2015

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Transcript of Dota 2 Courier

Dota 2 Courier
Marcus Kirk- B00589326
Team based Item

Used to transport items

Purchasable by anyone
What is a courier?
-Dota 2 is the 2nd most Popular MOBA

- Created by Valve

- Steam Exclusive

- Free to play
What is Dota 2?
-Large user base
-Large Marketplace
-Audience willing to spend
-Fantastic Style
Why Dota 2?
Creating 3D assets - High and Low Poly
What would be involved?
109 Heroes
2 Teams
Consistantly 300k Players
Played Globally
-Infinite possibilities
-Usable by every character
Why a courier
Texturing and Animation
Trend analysis and Market Analysis
Concept Design
Concept Design
Research existing Couriers
Analyze which sell
Create concepts based on
trend analysis/ Research
"Losing the donkey is punishable by death."
Usual Courier Designs
Original Concepts
Based on Heroes
Who buys couriers?
Support Heroes
As an investment/ for Fun
Buying a new courier:
average price: £3-£4
Selling a brand new courier: £5-£8
Customize their heroes
Gifts for friends
After Concept
High Poly Character
Bake Details
After High Poly
Low Poly
Under 3000 Polys
Flying and walking versions
Must be able to be animated
6 States of animation
For when the character first appears
Moving animation
300 units Per second
When the character isn't doing any task
Special animation
When the character isn't doing any task
For when a character is killed during a game
Animation played in the portrait area
Promotional Video
Design Blog
Forum/ workshop Promotion
A video showing the key aspects of the courier in the game engine
Problem discussion
User feedback
User feedback
Interact Directly with
the target audience
What I hope to gain
Confidence with High - Low poly workflow
Deeper knowledge of the following
Creating characters for game engines
More confidence in the creation
and promotion of my work
Establish an audience for future
projects and releases
Getting it in game!
Ensure the character works and looks/ ties
in well with the Dota 2 Game Engine
The project is 4 months in total
High Poly
Low Poly/ Finalizing
Interactions with users will begin along with research
The whole project will have an organic flow
Follow established pipelines to final submission
Map size:
512H x 512W
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