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avant guarde jazz


nora hazan

on 17 January 2013

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Transcript of avant guarde jazz

the saxophone the piano Why is it a jazz instrument? It all started with Adolphe Sax, a Belgian instrument inventor. In 1842, he attached a clarinet mouthpiece to a brass creation that he named the saxophone. Because of its metal, conical body, the saxophone was capable of playing at volumes much higher than other woodwinds. It was used in military bands in the 1800s, but it took a while for it to be taken seriously by musicians.
It is now the most iconic jazz instrument... Why is it a jazz instrument? Because of its range and all of its qualities available, it can practically create the effect of a full band all by itself. Its 88 keys allow for many harmonic possibilities. It is capable of playing very low and very high. It has the ability to be treated like a percussion instrument, or played softly and melodically like a harp. The Clarinet Today the clarinet is not as common in jazz, but when it is included it gets special attention because of its warm, round tone. In the woodwind family, the clarinet can be made of wood
or plastic, and its tone is produced when the reed on the mouthpiece vibrates.
Many jazz saxophonists also play clarinet, because of the many similarities between the two instruments. Why is it a jazz instrument? The Trombone Why is it a jazz instrument? The trombone has been used in jazz ensembles since
the beginning of jazz. In early jazz styles, its role
was often to "comp" behind the lead instrument
by playing improvised counter lines.
During the swing era, trombones were an essential part of the big band.
When bebop came around, trombones became less common,
owing to the fact that it is simply more difficult to play sinewy lines
than on other instruments. Because of its power and its unique tone,
the trombone is frequently used in many stylistic veins. Thank You For Watching The Trumpet Why is it a jazz instrument? The trumpet has the capacity to be exceptionally loud
and equally soft. It adjusts well to changes in tempo
and mood, and it is capable of driving the rhythm
of a song, despite its small size relative to other
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