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01.04 West Meets East Meets West:The Golden Age of Islam.

The Golden Age of Islam

Bridget Walsh Walsh

on 25 September 2012

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Transcript of 01.04 West Meets East Meets West:The Golden Age of Islam.

Throughout time Islam has become very profound in their ways of trade. Economic Aspect! An intellectual gain would be how during the Golden Age the spread of non-muslim philosphers grew! Intellectual Aspect! The Golden Age was the beggining of the Caliphs. Political Aspect! Since there is so much need for medicine and doctors a way that Islam grew to be good with other countries and helped their own was with their medicine. Social Aspect! Through this Golden Age Islam has become a very raging sucessful country and is a great place to come see and visit! Come to Islam! GOLDEN AGE
*social Interesting Islam! During the Golden Age Islam began to trade on the water and use boats.
This way was a lot quicker than trading by foot. The benefit of trading brings in more goods to sell to the people which brings in more money! This is a huge change because before it was strictly Muslim only. More people were accepted and could live happily in Islam One of the best known people who was a non muslim philospher is Moses Maimonides. He is a Jewish Philospher and greatly gained from this change. This change was also large because now Islam attracted more
people with the change of allowing other philosphers and believers. The muslim religion spread over Syria, Egypt, West Africa, and Spain. The caliphs were not democratic leaders, rather they were absolute political and religious heads of the community ready to suppress any threat disputing their authority. Even though these did cause fighting it was part of the Golden Age because it spread the religion after the death of Muhhamed. A they gained power more people stepped in to talk about religion and other things that make a place powerful. During the Golden Age many leaps in Medicine were tested and they found lots of way to treat different types of people. On of the best known doctors of this time period was Al- Razi. Not only did he work with medicine he wrote about 200 books on it. He wrote about many different disearses and ways to treat them. He also did lots of tests on cures for diseases. He practiced at the Muqtadari Hospital. During the Golden Age hundreds of different Hospitals were built.
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