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Story Of A Girl

No description

Mallory Gotschall

on 9 September 2013

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Transcript of Story Of A Girl

Story Of A Girl
Realistic Fiction

Has Characters which seem real and things that happen are possible in real life.
Deanna- Protagonist

Deanna made some mistakes in her life which effected her home and family life, and most definitely her school reputation. She lost her friends and, worse of all, her father. No one believes her side of what really happened.
Deanna forgets how others have treated her and starts to think about all the positives in her life. When she opens up to her father about what she's done, he forgives her and realizes it wasn't her fault. Her friends stick with her as they approach a new school year and for the first time, she isn't scared anymore
By: Sara Zarr
This story takes place in a small town in California called Pacifica, during the summer time.
You have to learn from your mistakes and forget about what happened in the past, because nothing you did can be undone.
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