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My Dictionary of accountant

No description

on 24 October 2013

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Transcript of My Dictionary of accountant

Technical vocabulary of Economics
gains:(ganancias) obtener beneficio de algo
he gained five new customers las month

Acceptance: ( acción ) aceptación,aprobación.
our acceptance of the proposition comes after careful study.

Economy or economycs: Economia y ciencias economicas.
the economy has gone into decline

Economists : (economista)una persona que se especializa en las ciencias economicas.
A person who advocates or practises frugality
The objective of this dictionary is to enrich our vocabulary consistent our profession
Employees:(empleados)una persona que trabaja para recibir una compensación a cambio .
a person how works for another in return for financial or other compensation.

money: (dinero)medio para poder intercambiar bienes o servicios.
a medium that can be exchange for goods and services

increases:(incremento) multiplicar,reproducir
to multiply or reproduce
exchange:(intercambio) cambiar una cosa por otra
have exchanged your staff for our workers

management: (administracion) manejo ,gestion
the austere management of resources has slowed the company

partners:(socios) personas que se juntan con un mismo fin
the chef was a business partner of the restaurant owner
this vocabulary was taken from the reading "Antes de liderar ,genere Empatía"
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