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Drugs & Alcohol

No description

Illegal Drugs

on 21 April 2010

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Transcript of Drugs & Alcohol

Hallucinogens Strong, mood changing drugs Produce panic Spiritual experiences common Definition Facts Forms How they are taken Statistics Increase in users More increases Examples Street Names Grass Shrooms LSD Narcotics Definition Drug reducing pain Alters mood Signs of Use Drowsiness Irritated skin Fast breathing Insomnia
Facts Physical dependence Withdrawal Less potent Examples Heroin Vicodin Oxycodone Street Names Smack Brown Sugar Dover's Powder Parepectolin Inhalants Definition Chemical vapors Volatile substances Mind-altering Types of Inhalants Volatile Substances Aerosols Gases Nitrites Facts about Inhalants Sniffing, snorting, and spraying Highs last for 2-3 minutes Excited, tired, agitated Effects of Inhalants Increased heart rate Unconscious Hearing loss Brain damage Kidney damage LONG TERM Stimulants Definition Stimulants are a class of drugs that elevate mood, increase feelings of well-being, and increase energy and alertness. Promotes a sense of good feeling Methods of Use Swallowing (pills) Snorted (absorbed by nasal tissues) Injected (needle and syringe) allows drugs to go directly into the veins Heated in crystal form (smoked and the user inhales directly into lungs) Injecting or smoking stimulants gives the user a high that is very intense but does not last for very long Snorting or swallowing gives the user a high that is not as intense as injecting or swallowing but lasts longer Cocaine Used to get a feeling of euphoria Cocaine is a white powder that is usually snorted When mixed with other compounds
a numbing effect is felt such as Novacain Methamphetamines Powerful stimulant that comes in clear crystals or powder Can be made using cheap over-the-counter ingreadiants Gives a feeling of high energy and alertness Meth is an FDA approved treatment for ADHD Can be produced in large labs called "superlabs" or in small basement or garage labs Ecstasy Can come in pure, powder, crystalline, or capsule form Produces a feeling of intimacy May cause diminished feelings of fear, anxiery, and sometimes depression Used as a recreational drug, and used at clubs and raves Ecstasy is currently being tried as a treatment for Post Traumatic Stress Syndrome Crack Form of cocaine that is smoked Heated to remove hydrocholride Ammonia, or baking soda and water are added to cocaine Streat Names for Cocaine/Crack Coke C Flake Charlie Candy Rock Street Names for Methamphetamine Speed Meth Chalk Crystal Glass Short Term Effects Feelings of great joy Alertness Lack of appetite Dilated pupils Muscle spasms Confusion Erratic heart beat Long Term Effects Addiction Paranoia Extreme anorexia Delusions Visual and auditory hallucinations Dental problems Depressants Definition Substances which slow down the normal function of the central nervous system. Can cause sleepiness or insomnia Barbiturates Usually considered sedative-hynotics May be prescribed for anxiety and insomnia Not prescribed as much now because of higher chance of deadly overdoses People who use them may develop an extreme physical dependence Marijuana Used as a psychoactive drug Commonly used in its herbal form Can stimulate hunger in AIDS patients and who people who are undergoing chemotherapy Benzodiazepines Prescribed usually as tranquilizers Valium and Xanax are common examples If used for only a short time they are fairly safe but may cause aggression Short Term Effects Coordination impairment Drowsiness Disoriented Slower reactions Droopy eyelids Fumbling Slurred speach Long Term Effects Addiction Sleep problems Respiratory Street Names Barbs Booze Downers Red Birds Tranks Roofies http://video.google.com/videoplay?docid=-8971764554863517125# Our Prezi http://www.youtube.com/verify_age?next_url=/watch%3Fv%3DJ7DHMqHFSB8
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