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War Horse

No description


on 24 October 2014

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Transcript of War Horse

War Horse

When Joey leaves Albert and go to the war, I feel very sad. Albert loves Joey very much and now Joey go to the war maybe Joey will die in the war, but Albert can do nothing.
When I know Joey has a good master , I'm very happy because a good master can take good care of Joey.
The main idea of the movie is the cruelty of war. The movie through the eyes of a warhorse to depict the war.
To tell people the war is terrible and we don't need to fight to solve problems. And this movie also shows a story about a man and a horse. Tells the story of sincere feelings between soldiers and horses

When did the story happen?
the First World War
Why Ted sold Joey to the army?
They can't pay for the farm.
Where did the war happen?
Who is Ted?
Ted is Albert's father. He got a medal from the Second Boer War in South Africa.
What is the warhorse?
A large, powerful horse ridden in battle.
How much is Joey?
Joey costs 30 guineas.
Albert Narracott watches a baby horse born and grow into a young horse. Albert calls the horse Joey.
Albert 's father, Ted buys Joey. Although Joey is a really nice horse, he isn't a horse for farming and he is expensive.
When the first world war is coming, Ted sells Joey to a young captain named James Nicholls. James promises that he will take care of Joey as his own horse and hopefully return him after the war.
When Joey in military camp, Joey meets another horse named Topthorn and they becomes friends.
James dies in the war, and the Germans capture the horses.
Michael and his brother Gunther wants to go back to their country.They ride Joey and Topthorn to run away. They failed their plan and the German soldiers catch and kill them.
A young orphaned French girl named Emilie,who lives at the farm with her grandfather, find the two horses and take care of them. When she rides the horse with her grandfather, the German soldiers find them and rob two horses. Emilie is very sad.
The German soldiers uses two horses for pulling German heavy cannons. Lots of horses die in this hard work.Friedrich, who loves horses and tries to help them survive, but Topthorn still dies in the work.
By 1918, Albert enlists and fights in the Second Battle of the Somme. He hurt by bomb and His friend die by bomb. Luckily, he finds Joey in the hospital. Joey runs away from the German soldiers. A British soldier named Colin and a German soldier named Peter saves him. They toss a coin to decide who gets Joey and Colin wins. Colin brings Joey to the hospital. In the end lots of soldiers give money to Albert to pay back Joey.
During whole the war , I have complex feelings. Lots of
people die in the war that makes me sad, but when
I see Joey helps other horse I feel very Moved.
In the end, Joey and Albert go back home. I feel
Pleased. War is over and now they can have a
wonderful life.
Hero Definition
Albert is main character.
He is a Patriot that's why
he go to the war.
He is strong and brave.
He is Patient to Joey.
He loves horses very much.
Joey is the most important
character in the movie. He is
friendly and loyalty.He also
run fast and beautiful.
Hero can withstand suffering and
can overcome suffering. They always
be friendly to people and take care
of people.They also very kind.
How many different character did
Joey meet?

Why did Albert want to
join the army?

what was Joey used to do ?
These are two different movies. The Matrix is about a hacker to save the human. Warhorse is about a story of a
horse. He sees lots of different people
When I saw war horse, I feel moved. The
Matrix makes me feel amazing. Because this is a special movie of hacker.
In war horse, there are lots of kinds of people. Albert is brave and not afraid of difficult. James is kind and loves his country. Joey is friendly and loyalty. In Matrix Neo is
strong and believe himself. Morpheus is calm when he was in trouble.
The Matrix To tell us try to believe yourself
do everything as a team.
Warhorse Let us know the war is
terrible. To be a peaceful man. Be
friendly to animals they are our
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