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Do schools need a defibrillator?

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Dana Fennel

on 28 May 2014

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Transcript of Do schools need a defibrillator?

Do not let your classroom flat line.........
Embrace Technology

"Simply adding technology is not sufficient to address the changing nature of instruction" (Clemmons, 2013, p.1).

Don't be afraid. Provide students with opportunities to utilize their technological devices.
Monitor student use by interacting with students throughout assignments.
Express the tremendous responsibility that comes with using technology.
Simple fixes
Unfortunately, education will always be plagued by a strict budget. However, these simple fixes are those that teachers can do everyday in their own classrooms, without having to rely upon budgets or administration. According to Prensky, these steps are "not just effective, but effective at low cost of both money and time" (2012, p. 135).
"Turning on the lights"
Connect Learning With REAL Life Experiences
Ads for non-profits
Public Service Announcements for radio
Study natural disasters that occur.
Watch for current events that can be easily connected to the curriculum.

Get To Know Your Students
Ask, Listen, and Remember.
Let students know you care about them and are interested to know what things they care about.
Differentiate groups and assignments that incorporate student passions and interests.
What else can we do to revive the classroom?
Partner With Students

Forget lecturing; transition your role to "guiding" students to find the answers.
Create guiding questions.
Support learning on their own. Students should be the ones doing the work.
Engage your students.
School is boring
Let's put life back into the classroom.
Do schools need a defibrillator?
Dana Fennel
Addressing Current Problems
Students are:
not motivated by content or delivery.
disengaged by teacher lecturing.
forced to "power down" their thinking abilities.
generally not interested in curriculum.
allowed limited access to technology.
not connecting learning to real life.
giving more attention to "after-school" activities.
Partner with students to "share" access.
Allow students to make connections with others around the world via Skype, Google Hangout, Facebook, E-pals, etc.
Incorporate gaming as a formidable tool to use in the classroom.
Give students opportunities to use various web 2.0 tools.
Let students teach you something.
Never stop learning or trying new ways to engage students.
* You should type in school is boring on YouTube. I was surprised to see how many kids are making "I am bored" videos during class.
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EdTech Magazine.
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Presnky, M., (2012).
From Digital Natives to Digital Wisdom.
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