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North Korea Human Rights Violations

No description

Nabil R

on 3 December 2013

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Transcript of North Korea Human Rights Violations

North Korea Human Rights Violations

Our Plan
Our intro and overview
Concentration camps in North Korea
What happens in these camps
A video called ``No Exit- Inside Look at Prison Camps of North Korea``
Sketches of the camps
Lack of basic human rights
What rich people are able to do
What happens to the average women
Their justice system
A video called ``North Korean defectors beaten, killed`` by CNN
The last video "SBS News - Malnutrition grips North Korea"
-Malnutrition and starvation
- Facts
- What the UN has done
- Conclusion

Malnutrition and starvation
- 1 in 4 children are malnourished
- Only 13% of people that are incarcerated ever receive a trial
- 40% of people imprisoned die from malnutrition
- Every year it is believed that over 10,000 people die in North Korean prison camps
- During the wide spread famine in the 1990's om North Korea, approx. 400,000 died
- 4% of the pop. has access to the internet
Concentration Camps
Lack of Basic Human Rights
-Average citizens in North Korea are treated horribly
-They can not say anything negative about the government
-Their media is regulated and filled with propaganda
- Those who have access to the internet are unable to access numerous sites
-Leaving North Korea requires special permission
- Articles 10, 13, 18, 19, and many more are violated
What the UN Has Done
The UN's Human Rights Council is pushing for an investigation on the country's abuses.
They have placed numerous sanctions on North Korea
Sent humanitarian support to the country such as food, agricultural materials, health and nutrition programs and water and sanitation improvements.
They have tried inspecting the camps but have failed
Concentration Camps
-Each camp has thousands of people
- Many children are in these camps
-They execute and torture their captives
Lack of Basic Human Rights
- North Koreans can not freely leave the country
- They have censored news and internet
- No freedom of speech
Malnutrition and starvation
- Millions of people are lacking food to survive
- The country controls the food farmers produce
- Millions lack a basic diet
What happens in the camps?
- People are forced to work in horrible conditions
- Children, elders, and many more are made to do task
- Forms of torture are used on those who don't work hard enough or obey orders quickly
- Many women are raped by the guards ( resisting results in an execution)
- They are used as test subjects for chemical and health experiments
Who is sent to these camps?
- Those who speak out against the government
- The falsely accused
- People caught committing minor crimes
- Family members of the accused

Only the rich and powerful can do these things:
-Drive or lease a vehicle
- Travel and move around in North Korea
- Have access to proper health care
If you're an average North Korean Woman:
- The state may force you to be a prostitute as young as 14 years old
- If impregnated by a Chinese man they will have a forced abortion ordered by the government
- If the baby is born they will kill it, in some cases they bury it alive in a box

Criminal Justice System
- People are publicly executed for minor crimes
- Having pornography or the Bible is a criminal offense that can be punishable by death
- There is no proof that non-government lawyers exist
- Very few people even have a trial
Based on Jim Harvey's speech structures

These are drawings that prisoners or guards have made
It is almost impossible to find any actual photos of these camps
-North Korean concentration/prisoner camps are in violation of various international laws
-There are about 20-25 of these camps
-Are slaves of the State
- Many methods of torture are used
- Prisoners must follow every order
- People usually spend their whole life's in the camps

In North Korean citizens, many people eat roughly 2 small meals a day.
84% of households have little or very poor food consumption.
Calling for humanitarian aid
The military/government takes the majority of the food and gives the left overs to rest of the country.
The height of children in N.Korea are shorter than those S.Korea.
The average in take of food is 700 calories compared to the average western country adult.
-North Korea has been breaking international human rights laws for decades and are not stopping
-The UN and international community hasn't done enough to control North Korea's inhumane society
- Many people are starving throughout the country
- People have their rights suppressed
- There is no proper justice system
-Government controls food production and distribution.

For many years, North Korea has been accused of human rights violation by the UN and western countries. It has been an ongoing issue that has not been fixed. The topics that we will be focusing on are what we believe are the most inhumane. Their modern day concentration camps,lack basic freedoms,and over 2.8 million citizens who face under-nutrition and lack of fat and/or protein in their diets, and what the UN has done to solve the issues.

What the UN Has Done
- Tried sending investigators
- Imposed sanctions
- Send supplies
Our Thesis
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