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The Impact Of Sponsorship On The Skateboarding Industry

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Felix Kern

on 19 January 2013

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Transcript of The Impact Of Sponsorship On The Skateboarding Industry

value But what is it? Sport/hobby


Industry Sponsorship in the Skateboarding Industry By Felix Kern // 617611 A brief History
of Skateboarding 1940s-1950s What is Skateboarding? First skateboards were built by surfers during their downtime the sidewalk-surfing-years 1960s skateboarding became popular for a few years - until the sales dropped significantly in 1966 1970s The invention of polypropylene-wheels made skateboarding famous once agein The 1976 California drought Vert-skating was invented over the years the the skateboarding industry has grown to a multi-billion-dollar-business but only 10% of sales come from actual hardware The Lion-share of sales is generated through clothing Shoes are No.1 selling product in skateboarding industry 1980s skateboarding became what is is today...

with more and more tricks having been
developed the public interest in
skateboarding has been on the rise
until 2002 noisy dangerous The Skateboarding Industry Selling Skateboards from a Marketing point of view Sponsorship What is sold What is bought created by riders Feeling


Style There are 3 main types
of sponsorship: shop sponsorship

amateur sponsorship

professional sponsorship Shop sponsorship Local Shops sponsor their customers:
-free merchandise
-free equipment Use at local skate park or competition Amateur sponsorship Being a Team member for a shop or company -free merchandise and equipment
-occasional monetary payments Professional sponsorship -regular salary
-custom made boards (-royalties) Sponsored
Skateboarders The Z-Boys The first important skateboarding team sponsored by the zephyr surf shop The Bones Brigade Team Team sponsored by Powell & Peralta with members like Rodney Mullen and Tony Hawk The Tony Hawk Franchise - most sponsored skateboarder of all time

-deals worth up to Mio. Dollar each 15 To conclude... Over years of development, sponsorship helped the skateboarding industry in an enormous way - to keep it up over and over again. And of course to maintain its value.
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