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ClicData - Company (en)

ClicData English Presentation

Telmo Silva

on 6 May 2010

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Transcript of ClicData - Company (en)

Our Team What we do... Top reasons to work at ClicPharma

We get to work with the best hardware and software technology

We get to play Gears of War 2 on the Xbox and have waffles with the team every week

We make cutting edge applications for our clients

We get the time to learn, come up with new ideas and experiment with new technologies We examine and select the best technology available to continuously improve our products in usability, productivity and performance Our goal is to revolutionize how our clients use technology with new and fresh ideas and concepts We maintain an active consulting team and they provide strategic and technical counseling, workshops and brainstorm sessions, research industry trends, and manage engagements across the globe
global clients Partners Lille Innovation

10 years of experience in leading the bio-health channel

350 local companies assisted with project development

47 innovative start-up projects assisted since 1999 Sponsored over 660 CIT projects

28 companies created

92 new jobs

25 companies opened in EuraTechnologies in 2008

Over 150 conferences Engineering Schools Students are given the opportunity to learn leading edge technologies

Invest in young talent to build a world class team Lille hosts some of the greatest engineering schools Infinis is a revolutionary data analysis tool, built to search and manipulate numeric and non-numeric data ClicFlow is a web application that makes your business more efficient through better project management, document management and approvals, and collaboration ClicFlow is an online comprehensive solution that includes the following features: Plan, Document, Collaborate Infinis grew out of the need in an organization to find and manage data in internal and external data sources, create a space where this data is visualized and manipulated with ease, merge and link data together to form new insights. This functionality allows the user to explore ideas and concepts, identify opportunities and create analysis in a matter of minutes instead of days
Analytical Revolution ClicPro revisits traditional CRM tools to provide a simple-to-use iPhone interface to any CRM system with innovative features such as: The Ultimate Sales Force Tool Work = Fun = Best Results ClicVision gives you the ability to create custom forms online and display results in real time ClicVision provides you with the ability to instantly capture feedback and proactively improve your outcomes

ClicVision can be presented to your target group (customers, partners, colleagues, employees, etc.) through a laptop, iPhone, or Blackberry to capture immediate results, and provide an interactive experience
Instant Perspective Innovative Business Software Infinis is capable of connecting to enterprise resources and internet to retrieve databases, spreadsheets, text files, web sites, images, videos and blogs.
Our key principles are Users are empowered to manipulate, transform and actively analyze the data freely

Retrieve, process and make structured and unstructured data available immediately, while complex processing and data definition is managed behind the scenes

Enjoy a virtual workspace using video, sound and touch

Each time a user searches, changes or correlates data, Infinis registers and applies this information in subsequent activities

Connect with local and global users; share your completed analysis, or work together in the same workspace at the same time

Infinis’ search facility finds all the relevant data, web sites, files, images and workspaces, making it faster to integrate information in your analysis •Business Ownership

•Data Processing

•Visual Experience and Interaction




Infinis is based on the principle that technology must fulfill its promise of making our lives easier and better by providing users with immediate data access, ability to easily interact with data, and obtain powerful results

Approval flow

Document Management

CRM (Customer Relationship Management)



Project Management
Increase your productivity by using eDoks to store attachments, track activities, and seamlessly manage your document control processes

Manage important decisions through automatic tracking of all your project deliverables

Share your project files easily and securely, with team members, partners and external contractors

Customize information about your customers, partners and employees and manage activities, details, contacts, forms…

Evaluate your vendors, processes, and projects. Create custom surveys and evaluations that can be sent to customers, employees, workshop participants and sales field forces

Take advantage of the newsletters, FAQs, and surveys to create a communication hub to share all your important information

Collaborate with project team members by defining milestones and using a shared calendar, manage and monitor all ongoing tasks
ClicFlow can be used in:

marketing material approval,
field force planning and collaboration,
IT service desk support,
centre of excellence,
document storage and tracking,
call centre and medical information tracking,
and many other areas. ClicVision can capture and display:
•Registration information
•Conference attendance and questionnaires
•Customer satisfaction surveys
•User experience feedback
•Sales data and performance indicators
Since ClicVision displays your results immediately, you can understand issues, adapt your approach and provide better solutions ClicPro is your mobile CRM system using an intuitive iPhone interface complete with location aware features (GPS) •Location Aware (GPS)



•Order Management

Identify your customer sites, plan your routes, and discover nearby opportunities

Capture your product displays and the competition, show the display history and compare location, product and incentive impacts

Optimize your visit schedule based on location and sales action plan. Prepare your visit by accessing client details, previous discussions, objectives, orders and topics of interest

Directly access your corporate system and place orders, check delivery dates, stock levels and rebates
With ClicPro your sales force is focused on selling instead of data entry, and you can have direct visibility over the activities of your clients, field force and competitors products...
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