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Anthem Presentation Jesus Ayala

No description

Jesus Ayala

on 5 September 2012

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Transcript of Anthem Presentation Jesus Ayala

Anthem By Ayn Rand I chose enlightenment because Equality 7-2521 learns so many things about the world around him as well as things about himself through out the story. I chose yellow and a lightbuld because it reminds me of a metaphorical light bulb that went off in his head whenever he got an idea. I chose individuality because Equality 7-2521 develops his own sense of individuality and begins to have his own thoughts and ideas. I chose green and made the green man slightly larger than the two other people standing next to him because it reminds me of how being taller than the rest of the males made him a burden in the society he lived in, but also added to his uniqueness and individuality. I chose the color green because it stands out in a field of white and black, just like Equality 7-2521 stood out from all of the people of his land. Individuality Enlightenment Innovation I chose innovation because Equality-72521 becomes able to harness the power of electricity; something not even a scholar has been able to do. I think this invention played a major role in the story and affects other parts of the story. For this word, I chose a box with light in it to symbolize his invention. I chose a bright pink to symbolize the brightness that came from his invention. Knowledge I chose knowledge because it seems to be something Equality 7-2521 values since he is going through all this trouble to get materials such as the scripts. I think as he grew in knowledge, Equality 7-2521 began to question things more and began to believe his own thoughts. When I think of the color red, I think of a stop sign telling me not to go beyond that point. Equality 7-2521 knew the risks of doing things he wasn't supposed to do like stealing materials from the home of the scholars but did it anyway and didn't let anything stop him and get in his way. I think that took a lot of courage sneakiness on his part. The books represent the scrolls that he read at the end of the book that taught him the 'forbidden word'. I chose ego because I thought it was important to the message in the end of the book, which was no matter how much people are forced to conform to be equal, people will always have their own thoughts, point of view, and sense of individuality. I think Equality 7-2521 felt as if he were at the top of the world at the end of the book and was ready to help enlighten the people from his land just like he had been enlightened; that's why I chose the picture of the man standing on top of a globe. I chose the color blue to represent ego because blue represents freedom, which I think Equality 7-2521 had a sense of as he was wandering the Uncharted Forest and was free to have his own thoughts and question the world he thought he knew. Ego Conclusion In the end, I think Ayn Rand wanted to stress her thoughts on the importance of individuality. I think theme of the book is the importance of individuality and Ayn Rand did a great job getting that message to me. SWAG Δ
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