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No description

Kayann Sylvester

on 5 November 2013

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Transcript of Kosovo

Kosovo has a population of 1,847,708 .Serbia has a population of 7.224 million.Montenegro has a population of 621,081.Albania has a population of 3.162 million.Macedonia has a population of 2.106 million.The time in Kosovo is 5:22 pm.The date in Kosovo is 9-25-13.The time in Philadelphia is 11:21.The date in Philadelphia is 9-25-13.The climate in Kosovo is 30'c (summer).The climate in philadelphia is 72.1'F (summer)
Kosovo is in Southern Eastern Europe.Kosovo is Landlock.Kosovo is surronded by Montenegro,Berbia,Albania,and Macedonia.Kosovo is 43'N,21'E.
The major landforms in Kosovo are Dinarie Alps,Great Hungarian Plain,Balkan Mts.The population in Kosovo is 1,847,708.A theater in Kosovo is national theater and its in prisntina bein.The capital city in Kosovo is Pristina.
Prishtinas international adenya shair jetair fly,Belle air europe,australian airlines,and croatia air lines
HS asman county you can travel by car in a hour their are two hertz reltal car and they are both in the capital city one is rign in the airport
goods,ideas,and people are moved by car
Human Enterviroment Interaction(HEI)
The pollution is caused by import of industrial activity.The natrual resources in Kosovo are coal,zinc,lead,silver,and chromium.Managing the design and construction of Kosovo intelligent angency and ministry of Kosovo security forces buildings
five themes European travel log
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