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11th ACOMS

No description

Lei Wai

on 9 October 2014

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Transcript of 11th ACOMS

Minimal Invasive managemnt
Endoscopic technique
Safe margin of Pleomorphic adenoma

Salivary gland Diseases and Sialoendoscopy

Minimal Invasive Implant Surgery
Immediate loading of zygomatic Implants
Complications resulting from dental implant placement

Alveolosurgery and Implantology

Held by the Asian Association of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgeons

to exchange ideas and expand visions
to build and further enhance personal and professional networks

–strengthen the development of clinical research and service in oral and maxillofacial surgery


Digital surgery and navigation
Tissue engineering and stem cells


Mandibular condylar resorption
Disc displacement
Temporalis muscle flap and fat tissue graft

TMJ diseases

Traumatic TMJ ankylosis
Mandibular condylar fractures

Trauma Management

Fibula Osteoseptocutaneous Flap

Reconstruction Surgery

Nasal Deformity Correction in CLP patiet
Orthognathic surgery and facial contouring in cleft patient
Facial Cleft

Cleft Surgery and Aesthetic Surgery

Role in cleft maxillary Hypoplasia
Management of the oral and maxillofacial Skeleton Anomalies

Distraction Osteogensis and orthognathic surgery

Management of Oral cancer
Management of Ameloblastoma

Oncology and Pathology

Presentations of young doctor

Social events (Gala Dinner)
P.S. Travel in Xi’an (optional)

11th ACOMS

22-25th Aug, 2014

Xi’an, China

Qujiang International Convention Center

11th ACOMS

'15 Lily Lei
’16 Alan Ma
’16 Karen Cheung
’18 Dave Liu

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