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No description

Gahraman Hagverdiyev

on 23 March 2011

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Transcript of cv

Hagverdiyev Gahraman
CV Personal
Information Education Job history Portfolio 1987 - 1996 Radionuclide Department of Urological Clinic, Baku, Azerbaijan
Head of Department
1993 – 1996, Medical firm “Eskulap”, Baku, Azerbaijan
General Director
April 1996 - January 2001, UMCOR (United Methodist Committee of Relief) (USA), Baku, Azerbaijan
MIS Unit Coordinator (Information/Statistic/Medical Monitoring)
January 2001– August, 2004 CHF International (USA) Baku, Azerbaijan
MIS (Management Information System) Specialist/Analyst
September 2004 – February 2011, International Finance Corporation (IFC), World Bank Group, Azerbaijan,Baku
(from July,2010 till February, 2011on STC contract, part-time)
Operations & Research Coordinator
Azerbaijan Corporate Governance Project and Investment Climate Advisory Services of the World Bank Group 1967-1977 N.160 Gymnazium 1978 – 1984 Azerbaijan Medical University, Newspaper "Our Health" Medi.az Consulting Azerbaijani portal for doctors Medical Information &
Computer Technologies
Society Pharmaceutical Analytical Articles Thank you!
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