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Riveted Bracelet Project

No description

Mary Fountain

on 19 January 2016

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Transcript of Riveted Bracelet Project

Riveted Bracelet Project
Assignment Cont'd
Your shape should be at least 1/3 of an inch wide on the thin end so that a tube rivet can be made through it.

All shapes should be filed neatly and sanded over the entire surface.

All rivets should be executed neatly
You will be graded heavily on CRAFTSMANSHIP for this project.
B-Day 1/29/16
A-Day 2/1/16
Tube Rivets
For this project you will be using tube rivets.
These rivets are created the same way, you just have to saw the tubing (rather than clipping it with wire cutters).

Drilling for Tube Rivets
Your Assignment
Your bracelet should be made up of 8-15 shapes (depending on thier size).

The shape should be fat on one side and thin on the other.
On the final layers you will need to pierce a hole through the side with the fat end, then you will need to bend the (thin) end of the other final layer on the other side. This creates your clasp.
You will need to use the large drill bit to create the holes for your bracelet.
It will be easier if you drill one hole at a time. Do one layer, then drill the second layer.

After the holes are drilled you must use a round file to open up the hole a little further so that the tube will fit.
Fat End
Thin End
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