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No description

Dogus Meter

on 18 April 2015

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Transcript of Mise-en-scene

by Dogus Meter
Have you tried anything different that challenges the genre or gives it new life?

One new thing that we wanted to try in a Action/Thriller genre film is to make the location more populated as it can show the harsh reality of the position they face in our opening sequence and the general meaning of our overall idea of our film which is the survival of the fittest. However, one thing we challenged is the high expectation level, we tried to challenge this by cross-cutting and showing the audience that a showdown is close to happening as they get closer to each other which can sort of challenge the high expectation level of thriller type movies, yet can conform sort of more to action type films were the antagonist meets the protagonist in an unexpected time.
For the setting we made the location in a busy place. We set it up in a busy place because like in Taken the film we wanted to use different camera shots and elements of mise-en-scene differentiate which character is important or stands out to the audience. As well as that, another thing which makes setting it in Chinatown so special is that it allows the audience to be surprised by what sort of stuff can happen even in one of the busiest places in London.
Costume/Hair and makeup
For our costume we wanted to keep it casual changing it from smart as we felt smart didn't suit the audience we were going for and made it seem to unrealistic and obvious. Therefore, we chose casual because it can be relatable as well as conform to the common stereotype of Asian people don't have much opportunity to leave the environment they are in. Also, we made the character dress up in a black jacket and black baseball cap as the general denotation for the colour black is that he can be seen as mysterious and evil. For the make-up of our characters we wanted to keep it all natural because naturally after walking so much and carrying equipment to the location where we filming gave us natural worked up look.
For lighting we didn't have much choice with equipment but one thing we were able to do is take advantage of the sort of lighting we need and to do that we had to be there at the right time. For the lighting we wanted natural lighting in which it was cloudy. This is good for the audience because the background lighting is good to portray our characters well-being which is a bit strayed away after the phonecall which fits perfectly with the lighting and background.
With the props in our film we used them to show the difference in power this was by the gun but not so much by the phone. The gun was a good prop to use because to the audience it shows who has power because not many items or skills can counter against someone holding a gun against you apart from if you have a gun itself so it made it very clear to the audience the power difference between the 2 characters.
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