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Elizabethan Era entertainment

No description

Linda Bohar

on 8 January 2013

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Transcript of Elizabethan Era entertainment

Types of entertainment Entertainment There were many different types of entertainment in the Elizabethan Era. The people would participate in anything. Some of the activities include:
Feasts- a large, prepared meal for many people, often celebrating religious festivals.
Banquets- a ceremony dinner honoring a special guest.
Fairs- every year there would be and annual summer fair held, that everyone would attend.
Mystery Plays- re-enacting stories from the bible.
Festivals- celebrate church festivals.
Jousts/Tournaments- matches between knights.
Games and Sports
Animal Sports- fighting (bulls, bears, dogs, rooster)-attracted the most population.
Hawking- a sport for the wealthy, with hawks. Types of entertainers For the people to enjoy themselves, entertainers would be hired. Some of the entertainers include:
Jesters- a fool.
Mummers- a masked or costumed dancer at a festival.
Minstrels- musicians who sang of legends.
Troubadours- musicians who sang of love.
Acting troops- traveling actors.
Jugglers- used tricks to entertain. Classes in society The people in the Elizabethan Era were divided into 3 categories depending on their wealth. There were 3 classes. The entertainment available to them depended on their class. How has entertainment changed? Years ago, sending letters was a method of communication and entertainment. People would send letters back and forth in all directions. They were used for brief notes, to remind people of upcoming events, inviting people to dine, and reminding of favors owed. This has changed drastically. Sending letters is rarely done anymore.
Also, cruel games are never done anymore. For example, cock fighting, bull fighting, and dog fighting. In conclusion... Elizabethan entertainment was very important. The lives of Elizabethans were difficult, the death rate was high due to outbreaks of diseases such as the plague, and life expectancy was low. Entertainment was well-liked whenever there was something to celebrate, such as weddings, victories and festivals. High class- wealthy
Tradesman/merchant- average
peasantry- poor High class- Entertained with art, music and theater. They would participate in fencing, falconry, horse riding, and hunting. They would also attend parties and dances. They had the best seats in the theater. Middle class- Would occasionally be entertained by arts and theater. They would also watch sports like cock fighting, bull baiting, and dog fights. Low class- Could rarely afford the theater. When they did they would have to stand. They sang, danced, and attended church. The other entertainment commonly available was to attend executions, and torment people held in stocks. Visual display
Stocks For our visual display we created a stock, with a paper person held in it. This represents a criminal/disobedient person. People in the Elizabethan era (mainly peasants) would torture them as entertainment. They would throw rotten fruit and tease them. By Linda & Brienne A juggler A jester A troubadour
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