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Coca Cola Digital Marketing (Template)

Why digital marketers owe Coca Cola a drink...

Ricardo Haas

on 18 August 2013

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Transcript of Coca Cola Digital Marketing (Template)

A fear of the unknown
Those that have invested and then been 'bitten' by digital have been well documented by both print and digital media.

What's more, these digital disasters have been committed by some of the world's most renowned brands. For example, we all remember the hashtag #McDStories, but for all the wrong reasons...
A fear of failure
Proving the ROI
Over Coming
'The Fear'....

Our Media Universe has expanded and diversified:
2013's family living room...
How Coca Cola adapted...
They took a simple and inherently social concept and applied it consistently across the marketing mix
Covering all points of their consumer journey to purchase....
And put digital media at the heart of the campaign to make their aim of a 'personal and authentic brand experience' a reality...
They asked consumers to get involved and create their own can through Facebook...
....or to find their name on the coke website, as well as inviting suggestions
In return, consumers were rewarded with their own personalised product ready to be shared with a simple hashtag (#shareacoke)...
What Coke got in return...
Young adult consumption increased significantly during the campaign, up by 7%, making 2011 the most successful summer ever.
The trial campaign in Australia earned a total of 18,300,000-plus media impressions
Traffic on the Coke Australia's Facebook page increased by 870% and the Facebook page grew 39%
The campaign also changed attitudes: over the campaign, teens claimed it gave them a ‘very positive’ impression of Coke. Scores on ‘always doing new things’,‘is a brand I love’ and ‘for someone like me’ all improved with the young adult audience.
In short it has been simply inescapable!
The impact on Coca Cola's bottom line...
Retail sales of the Coca-Cola brand jumped 2.9% year-on-year to £292.93m in the three months to 23 June, according to IRI data.
The volume (number of litres) of the drink sold leapt 2.9% to 272.17 million.
To add icing to the cake... The brand has gained at the expense of its rival, Pepsi. The rate of increase in sales growth for Pepsi was less than half that of Coca-Cola’s at 1.1%.
Why digital marketers owe coke a drink...
Using the 'share a coke' campaign as a case study we can provide a tangible answer to the three most common concerns around digital marketing...

#1. Fear of the unknown
#2. Fear of failure
#3. ROI

Furthermore coke have shown you don't need to be an e-commerce business to reap its benefits.

Months past the campaign launch in April we still see a Coke endorsement/advertisement almost everyday
Coke has shown the future of marketing in action and its reliance upon digital marketing to make personalised brand experiences a reality
Finally, it has demonstrated what a vital role digital plays in maximising the ROI of any campaign through integrating it into the marketing mix to leverage its capacity to expand a campaign's reach and longevity.
A few reasons to remain optimistic...

#1. Each day our use of digital media grows and our understanding of it deepens.

#2. Each day we learn from the mistakes of others which broadens our knowledge of how to successful execute campaigns

#3. With each campaign our understanding of how to demonstrate ROI for brands and businesses is strengthened
These are all questions and concerns which every medium must answer, and to which digital is slowly providing the answers...
BUT Coca Cola have recognised the underlying
This spread has diluted the power that traditional ATL campaigns once had to connect with consumers
Almost a third of our time spent consuming media each month is now spread across digital media
According to Nielsen’s new U.S. Consumer Usage Report 2012

In the UK alone the hashtag #shareacoke has been used 29,000 times on Twitter (since launch in April till mid-July)
How Coca Cola became digital marketing rock stars!
Whether Marketers choose to adapt or not, consumers certainly ARE...
Believe it or not, investing in digital media is still considered a HUGE risk for many marketers looking at their budgets for 2013/14. This usually comes down to one of three things...
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