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My Cell City Project

No description

Regina Bradford

on 8 November 2012

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Transcript of My Cell City Project

Cell City Project Police officers are to a city as the Peroxisome is to the nucleus, The Peroxisome protects the nucleus and controls the passage of materials between the nucleus and cytoplasm, just as police officers protect a city. Police Officers City Hall The cell membrane protects the cell and controls the passage of materials into and out of it. It is the outer layer of the cell. Likewise, city limits are the outer boundaries of a city. City Border Just as UPS packages things for transport, the Golgi Apparatus packages protein molecules for transport and secretion. UPS Lysosomes are the "garbage disposals of the cell." They function to keep the cell clean just as garbage trucks function to keep a city clean. Garbage Truck Just as mitochondria capture and store energy for the body to later use, energy plants provide energy for the city. Energy Plant The cytoplasm occupies the parts of the cell in which there are no organelles. Likewise, greenery occupies the vacant parts of a city. Greenery Rough ER is like a road with taxis because it transports materials just as roads aid in transporting things. The taxis represent the ribosomes attached to the surface of rough ER.Smooth ER aids in transporting materials just as roads do. But smooth ER doesn't have ribosomes. Road with cars/ Empty Road The nucleus is like the city hall a place in the city hall where plans are made for the city. Regina Bradford, Rachell Veal, Alasia Gober, Daja Williams Cell membrane Water Towers central vacuole City Wall Cell wall Peroxisome nucleus Golgi Apparatus Lysosomes mitochondria cytoplasm Rough/Smooth ER DNA City Blue Print Protein Houses Ribosome Construction Company Water towers store water just like the central vacuole The cell wall filters out large molecles jusy how the city wall keeps out trespassers. DNA contains the info of the cell so as the blue print of the city. Protein is made by ribosomes and house and made my construction company's so Protein is kind of like houses Ribosomes make proteins just like the construction company makes houses :D ;D
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