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Cloud Mashup

No description

yip ka shing

on 17 January 2013

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Transcript of Cloud Mashup

University of Hong Kong
CSIS 0801 - Final Year Project
FYP 12018 - Find Goods
An Android Application using
Cloud Mash-Up Mash Up? DEMO
Q & A Merging together!!
Webpage or Web application
Use and combine data,function
From two or more sources
To create new services Using Server (Cloud) to use and combine data
Server side Mash up
Google App Engine(GAE) Cloud MashUp Host a servlet
Get parameters by receiving HTTP Post request
Get result from sources
Return a set of strings containing the product information Google App Engine Layout Client Side Using GAE Help focus on coding
Google Services
Free Application GAE Sources parameters response parameters response Get the parameters entered by the user Search Keyword Number of Product Showing Sources Sorting Method Get the parameters from application
And send them to selected sources Get the parameters
and search Return the search result
(html,rss etc) to GAE Fetch the URL and get useful information
and respond to the application Part of rss from HK Yahoo Get the response and show the result Return Format:
i , image , name , price , tran_fee , link , source_logo 2009042726
Yip Ka Shing Sample Sample Code AsyncTask (Asynchronous Task)
After Android 3.x
Time-consuming task
Provide smoother user ecperience Functions not yet implemented 1.Favourite
Implement API, Store as JDO
2.Chasing Product
Search and Get the result sorting by posting date, compare the time/date
Merge Sort
Share interested product to friends through Email/Whatsapp
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