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The Most Dangerous Game Venn Diagram

No description

Abby Welsh

on 9 October 2014

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Transcript of The Most Dangerous Game Venn Diagram

The Most Dangerous Game Venn Diagram
Rainsford brings a woman (Eve) along for the hunt.
Zaroff is appeared to be middle-aged.
The ship sails through the odd channel, even though the crew is weary about it.
Zaroff shoots down the Malay Mancatcher trap, therefore not being injured.
Rainsford finds Zaroff's trophy room.
Zaroff hunts humans.
Rainsford is the only crew member to appear on the island.
The hunt takes place in a jungle setting.
Zaroff sends in hounds to catch Rainsford during the hunt.
Rainsford survives by plunging into the water.
Abby Welsh
Rainsford is alone in the hunt.
Zaroff is described as old, or aged.
The ship sails onward to the Amazon without its crew being harmed.
Zaroff's shoulder is injured from the Malay Mancatcher.
Zaroff invites Rainsford to see his trophy room but declines.
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