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Don't let the bed bugs bite.

No description

Tim Bangs

on 13 September 2013

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Transcript of Don't let the bed bugs bite.

Don't let the bed bugs bite.
Bed bugs are small flat parasitic insect that feed only on blood from human and animals.
Are bed bugs common?
Bed bugs were very common before World War II
They are now rare to find due to widespread of pesticide DDT
Pesticide DDT is a colorless , tasteless, and almost odorless insecticide
DDT was banned in 1957 because it was poisonous.
Who is at a risk for getting bed bugs you may ask?
Everyone is at a risk of getting bed bugs.
Bed bugs are normally found in bedrooms
How do i know if i have been bitten by bed bugs
The bites are similar to mosquitoes and fleas.

Many people don't know that they have been bitten until several days after the bite.
Bed Bugs are not a serious health issue.
How do I treat or Prevent Bed Bugs
The best way to prevent issues is to use antiseptic cream and avoid scratching areas of bite.
It is often best to call pest controll to handle the situation.
Do bed bug disease spread?
Bed bugs should not be considered a major health issue.
They are not known as a disease either. They are literally a bug.
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