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12 Century Korea

No description

Philip White

on 12 September 2014

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Transcript of 12 Century Korea

12 Century Korea
by Philip , Patty, Erin, and Llama
Koreans created a form of pottery called celadon
Referred to as Goryeo celadon after the dynasty
Main type of ceramic made at that time with a green gray hue
Perfected the glaze technique
Glazes were made in a variety of different colors
Made in kiln
Created bowls, pots, cups, and vases all with intricate design
This art reached its highest popularity about mid 12 century
Government and Goryeo
12 century Korea was ruled by dynasties
Dynasty- a chain of rulers from the same family
The dynasties were uncontested and did what they wanted
Goryeo(aka Koryo) Dynasty was main power in the Korean Peninsula
Indentified as an empire
Goryeo united the three main kingdoms of the area to form one
Ruled from about 918-1392 AD
12 century was a time of great flourishment for them
Cool Facts/ Things to know
Religion and Culture
Mainly Buddhists in the area and time period
Later on(mid 13 century) Confucianism started circulating
Wore brightly colored clothes in seperate pieces
Basic upper garment called hanbok
Chima/skirt for women and baji/pants for men
What kind of skirt tells the woman's status
6 basic nobility rankings
Dumpling, grilled meat, and noodle dishes all have origins in the 12 century
Started using seasonings like black pepper
Korea today is located in east Asia
12 century Korea was located in the same general area especially on the Korean penninsula
Mongols eventually overran the Goryean dynasty and neighboring tribes(late 13 century)
The empire had multiple capital cities
World's first metal movable type printing invented in Goryeo 1234 AD- paper produced
Goryeo was big on trade with other dynasties
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