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Peabody Developmental Motor Scale-2

No description

Katie Roettele

on 19 September 2013

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Transcript of Peabody Developmental Motor Scale-2


What's the Purpose?
~The assessment is designed to obtain comprehensive measures of both motor development and motor skills.

~These measures can then be used to distinguish deficit areas and design functional treatment intervention goals and outcomes for young children with disabilities.

Psychometric Information
Availability of norms, percentiles: provided; standard scores: provided
Standardization sample: The PDMS-2 is a standardized norm referenced test with use of norms established from 2,003 participants residing in 46 different states across the United States of America. Reliability and validity have been determined empirically.
Peabody Developmental Motor Scales-2
Amanda Budge and
Katie Roettele

OT 530
Saginaw Valley State University
General Information
M. Rhonda Folio and Rebecca R. Fewell

Year of Publication:

The Target Population:
Children from birth to 5 years old
with motor impairments
For Who?
~Examiner’s Manual
~The Guide to Item Administration
~The Examiners Record Booklet
~The Profile/Summary Form
~The manipulatives
Materials Required
~$530.00 for the complete kit

~All materials are available separate as well.
Cost $$$$
Who Qualifies to Administer?
~No degree or certification is necessary to administer the assessment.
~Must obtain proper training and be deemed competent through many ways...
~Obtain proper testing area
~Test is divided into six subtests
~Starting with the child's age begin the appropriate testing area
~Continue each subtest until reaching 3 consecutive "fails"

How to Administer:
~Scored on a 0-2 point scale
~Record scores appropriately on the provided testing manual

Scoring Process:
~ High validity
~High reliability
~Testing protocol is easy to follow
~Able to be modified to meet client's needs
Strengths of the Test
~Duration of time
~Environmental barriers
~Testing environment
What We Learned....
Meet Elizabeth
Amanda Budge and Katie Roettele
OT 530 Occupational Assessment across the Lifespan
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