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PR/Fundraising at CBFY

Educating employees about PR & Fundraising

Simone Brown

on 22 October 2013

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Transcript of PR/Fundraising at CBFY

Examining Public Relations at
Charitable giving in Canada
Why should we
Most importantly....
Fundraising furthers our organization's primary purpose

...but just because our organization cares, should others?
How do we start fundraising strategically?
The Fundraising Cycle
161,000 nonprofits and charities
54% run entirely by volunteers
Donations totaled $10 BILLION in 2007 (average= $427)
Volunteer hours = 2.1 billion = 1.1 million full-time jobs
Volunteers are more likely to become donors

Donations (GIK)
Food & Drink
Tickets to events
Passes for community activities
It helps YYC's immigrant youth & families integrate into Canadian society; provides them with one of the most basic human desires: happiness and a sense of purpose.

If we are to engage donors
Our brand must resonate with Calgarians

18 month process
Create a Plan

Source: AFP, Chronicles of Philanthropy, StatsCan
On average, people donate 10 times more money if they have volunteered in the past year.
Two-thirds of volunteers said they give money to the same groups to which they donate time.
In 2010, among people who had performed 60 or more hours of volunteer work in the previous year, 91% made donations, giving an average of $784.

Because they were asked

Social Return on Investment
(especially important to the corporate world)

Emotional response to the issue/crisis.


Giving is now global; issues are just as broad as they are deep.

The days of feeling guilty are on the decline. People are overwhelmed; some desensitized.

People give if they can relate
(I remember when I was homeless; when I didn't have a job, etc).

Donors look for organizations who can prove impact (stats, stories, tours, volunteerism: I want a first-hand look, financial reports)

Today's donors are smart & savvy; they can see through the b/s.
The wrong or untrue message can backfire and lead to more questions and scrutiny.

# 1 reason people stop giving: because their money was not spent how they thought it would be
Why do people donate?
Social Change
How does money come in?
How can the entire organization support marketing & fundraising?

Following of policies and protocols relating to marketing & fundraising.

Supporting one brand. Put CBFY first.

Program staff must measure impact and share progress.

Program areas must communicate stats and compelling stories to feed into the case for support.

Program Director must communicate program needs.

Programs encourage volunteerism & tours.

Finance ensures donor satisfaction, alignment with CRA guidelines, record management and donation allocation.

Funnel information through Program Director -- clear guidance, fewer delays.
Online Giving
What does Marketing & PR at CBFY encompass?
Our Story is one thing...
communicating it is EVERYTHING
Update/elevate our brand; become relevant to external stakeholders so they view CBFY as an agency worth supporting.

Speak as change agents for CBFY rather than our own departments.

Get rid of silos and "my program" attitudes. Use "We" speak; focus on the CBFY brand vs. an individual program's identity.

Market CBFY's ownership into each program.

Feature COMPELLING people stories versus program stories.

Excellence requires us to say "No" sometimes; respect it; don't take it personally.

Execute vs excuses

How can we accomplish this?
The Calgary Bridge Foundation for Youth
A deeper look at
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