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Extreme Makeover

Extreme Makeover presentation

Steve Dembo

on 26 October 2011

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Transcript of Extreme Makeover

Thanks for coming Extreme Makeover: Education Edition A new Web 2.0
site is released
every 48.5
seconds * * Source: Totally made up.
Please do not write this down How can anyone keep UP? And sticking it INSIDE
a different page, tool or
site Find an image
Create a Blabber
Save It
Share It And this was
Prezi... l Steve Dembo sdembo@gmail.com
Facebook.com/Teach42 Let's keep it simple Register at Twitter.
Follow too many people.
Chat with @people
Share the geekbump moments! 5
Tweeting Three step podcasting 1. Register at ipadio.com 2. Dial in to your 'phlog' 3. Share your students voices with
with the world! Presentation @ By
Steps Print what you need,
eliminate the rest! http://css-tricks.com/examples/ThePrintliminator/ http://posterous.com 1. Send an email to post@posterous.com
2. Check your inbox
3. Share your new blog!
4. (optional) Register at Posterous and customize
your site. http://DENCommunity.com The place to collaborate, learn and share. http://tinyurl.com/type42 http://tinyurl.com/edumakeover
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