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Gummy Bear Experiment

No description

Abby Anderson

on 6 September 2013

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Transcript of Gummy Bear Experiment

Gummy Bear Experiment
Gummy Bear Experiment
What happens when you put Gummy Bears into different liquids?
Hypothesis: I think that water will be the biggest.
Five gummy bears
Four cups
Salt Water
Baking Soda
Paper Towels
First get four cups
Put water in one cup
Put salt water in one cup
Put vinegar in one cup
Put baking soda in the last cup
Weigh all the gummy bears to find the mass
Put a gummy bear in each cup and leave the last one out on a towel
Wait 24 hours
Get each gummy bear out
Put each one on a paper towel
Weigh the gummy bears again
Find the difference in the gummy bears
by Abby Anderson
The water gummy bear had got four times bigger. The vinegar had become a big mess. The salt water had changed a little in mass. The baking soda gummy bear had doubled in mass. The one in nothing didn't change in mass.
The vinegar grew the most but the water was the only one that stayed in tack.
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