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Rundown Sweet 17'th

No description


on 18 August 2014

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Transcript of Rundown Sweet 17'th

The End
Foto of Hall
19.00-19.30 = Opening ( MC artis
, Kalo Pelawak Raditia Dika dari StenUP Comedi )

19.30-19.45 = Tiup Lilin

19.45-19.50 = Potong Kue

1950-20.00 = Pembagian Kue

20.00-20.20 = Sambutan OT

20.20-20.35 = Sambutan ,.....,

20.35-22.05 = Diner ( Deliveri Dari Luar )

22.05-23.35 = Game ( lagu berjalan )

23.35-00.05 = Sulap (kartu, ngilangin barang , dll )

Closing ( di iringin band yang terkenal )
Edward Karnadi Husin 10 C/7 Agnes Marsha 11C/2 Liha Ailiha 11C/26
susunan acara
Susunan Acara

Sweet 17'th Birhday Party Of .......

1. opening bye MC

2. penipuan lilin

3. pemotong cake

4. pembagian cake

5. sambutan ortu

6. sambutan .....

7. ramah tamah
a. dinner
b. games
c. sulap

8. closing

Rundown Sweet 17'th
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