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Cassie Stewart

on 7 March 2014

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Transcript of Everfi

Choosing A Computer
When choosing a Computer you should start by thinking about what you want first. Here are some things you might want.
Small or Large Screen.
Desktop or Laptop
Software you might need.
*Also there is open source software. Which allows you to download free software.
*Cloud Computing (stores your things so you can have it wherever you go)
Wireless Communications
The Viral World
Always set your password as something that means something to you or put it in code
Try not to use public WiFi because someone can hack your accounts easier

Internet Resources and Credibility
Plagiarism- Taking someone elses work and saying its your own.
Types of plagiarism
Copy and pasting
Using direct quotes instead of your own words.
How to avoid it
Use a phrase for an example "In his/hers essay"
Put the website you found it on.
Give credit to the author.
Reliable Resources would have http in front of it.
The Future of Technology and You
Cassie Stewart
Morgan Cummings

Welcome to Ignition
In this Presentation you will learn about what
we learned in EverFi.
Creating Multimedia Products
If you don't want someone to see a picture then don't send it to them , if you do it can go viral and you don't want that to happen.
You post a picture online and delete it, don't mean you will never see it again.

Digital Relationships and Respect
Do not use anyone else's video or photo off Line
If you do site where you got it from so it will not be considered Plagiarism
When doing a project, Do not use exact words use your own.

Cassie Stewart
Morgan Cummings
Cyberbullying could cause people to not want to be with their friends or not want to do things they love.
If someone post something harmful or mean about you, you should always tell an adult before it gets worse.
Stopping a Cyberbully
Tell them to take a break.
tell them it might hurt the other persons feelings.
STEM- Science , Technology , Engineering , Mathematics
Jobs that have a STEM Career
*Forensic Scientists
*Marine Biologists

Cassie S.
Morgan C.
Morgan C.
Cassie S.
Morgan C.
Cassie S.
Morgan C.

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