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No description

malea webb

on 11 March 2013

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Transcript of Japan

bowing Fashion Three scrips: Ishin-denshin Japanese people often communicate with each other without using words Japanese communications is subtle and polite

Eye contact is avoided Verbal Communication Katakana Kiragana Kanji Used mainly for creating a grammatical structure showing pronunciation Judgements of Beauty Fashionable
beautiful skin
straight black hair
youthful JAPAN Life In Japan You can bow, when you say, "thank you", "sorry", "hello", "good bye", " welcome", "congratulations", "excuse me", "good night", "good morning", and more. Leisure Food and Meals Art Architecture Traditional Exterior Interior Modern Architecture Exterior Interior Sports Holidays Technology Healthcare Media Lifestyle Materialism Science and Technology Progress and Change Work and Leisure Deep Structures History Family Religion Shinto Buddhism State
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