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Consumers & Consumer Behavior

No description

Rosemarie Sanchez

on 13 April 2013

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Transcript of Consumers & Consumer Behavior

Consumer Behavior Spending Consumer spending = 70% of US economy Necessities Non-essentials Nonnative
$338 2 Categories Income Personal Income Personal Consumption Expenditure Personal Savings +13% from 2009
+1.5 Billion +13% from 2009
+1.3 Billion -20.5% vs 2008
-7.4% vs '09
-16.9% vs '10
-3.8% vs '11 Top 10 Discretionary Purchases* $1.13 trillion * Based on 2009 - U.S. Bureau Of Labor Statistics Apparel Products & Services Who is buying? Decision Making Process Tobacco Entertainment Equipment & Services Fees & Admissions Vacation Lodging Hobbies, Toys, Pets & Playground Equipment Gifts Eating Out Alcohol Television, Radio & Sound Equipment Demographic Initiators: Recognize the need Gatekeeper: Filters information/ does research Influencer: Influences purchase and plays persuasive role for Deciders Deciders: Makes final decision Buyer: Final purchase User: Actually uses the end product/ service Geographics Psychographic How do we tell consumers about our brand? Advertising & Marketing First, we must get a deeper understanding of who they are... How do we reach them? Media Hold up! We must understand how they use it. World Pop*: 7,065,135,143 US Pop*: 315,299,693 Top 10 DMAs*: 96,628,000 Cali*:
38,041,430 Los Angeles Metro*:
17,741,200 South Bay:
134,363 Carson:
92,376 Age
Ethnicity Values
Lifestyle Impact of Recession What was once considered a "necessity" may now be considered a "luxury" or, even possibly "unnecessary." Effects of the Recession:
"Value Shoppers" Busy, yet always connected and always exposed Results in: My media on my time Shifts in behavior, we'd like to thank...
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