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Robbie Kay

No description

Pierre Pan

on 27 November 2013

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Transcript of Robbie Kay

Robbie Kay is Adorkable
As Peter Pan
The way I found out about Robbie Kay personally, was from his portrayal of Peter Pan from Once Upon a Time. He puts a twist on the character that non one's ever seen before; He's very evil and dark, but somehow lovable at the same time!
Ways to Live Forever
Contrary to his current role, Robbie Kay also played Sam in Ways To Live Forever, when he was fifteen. I found out about this while looking up other Peter Pan things, and then soon found the link to play the video. It was so sad! He plays a little boy who has leukemia and does a video diary to show what his life was like. you really fall in love with the character, and then at the end he dies. ;-;
Robbie Kay
Robbie Kay is an adorable British actor who appears in Ways to Live Forever and Once Upon a time, most currently. He is perfect at being evil, and adorable at the same time.
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