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Yellow Star

No description

olivia tierney

on 29 April 2010

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Transcript of Yellow Star

Did Some Jews Rebell agianst the star
of Daivd? Why did the Jews have to wear
the Star of David? Adolf Hitler, Germanys dictator in World War II, made the Jew's wear the Star of David as a "badge of shame." How did the Jews feel about this? The Jews felt embarssed because it signified thier religious diffrences. Although they also felt passionete about the Star of David because it was a symbol of thier faith. The Jews were forced to wear the
Star of David during World War
II. They were to do this because Germany's dictator, Hitler, wanted the star to represent the "badge of shame." Also so Nazi's could pick them out and send them to concentration camps. The the the Jews Th The Jews felt The
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