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Springfield Nor'easters

MBA 690

Aashita Anand

on 4 December 2015

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Transcript of Springfield Nor'easters

Nor'easters EXECUTIVE SUMMARY Major Issues History Industry FIRM RESEARCH COMPETITION SWOT Financials IMPLEMENTATION Market Analysis BUYER BEHAVIOR Demographics RECOMMENDATIONS Product Price Promotion Place Questions? Tickets Consession Stands - Individual
~ Singles Night
- Group
- Season - Food & Beverages
~ Hot Dogs
~ Beer
~ Candy
~ Wings
- Merchandise
~ Caps
~ T-shirts
~ Mugs
~ Souvenirs Camps - Day Games
- Sports Training
- Meet the Team Through survey questionaire responeses - help Buckingham build a Price Matrix - It is currently January 19, 2008
- Springfield Nor’easters is a new Minor League baseball team in Springfield, MA.
- Marketing Director – Larry Buckingham
- President and GM – Bob Cortez.
- Springfield, MA is a suburb of Boston, MA with a struggling economy and the average citizen lives below the poverty level. GOAL Break Even the first year - 38 home games - Majority of the population lives below poverty level
- Buckingham has outdated / irrelevant market data to make decisions
- Buckingham has a deep marketing background but little industry background
Current Condition:
- The only other minor league sports team in Springfield is a hockey team, the Falcons, and they are contemplating leaving town due to low ticket sales. - 176 Minor League Baseball teams in the US
- 19 regional leagues
- Minor League Baseball has a strong brand and is very highly attended
- Teams are located in small and mid-size cites as well as suburbs of large cities.
- Attractive for intimate experience at the game as well as players attitude to play hard.
- Fans don’t care about W-L. They are there for the entertainment. - College sports
- Movie Theaters
- Restaurants
- Bowling Alleys
- Boston Red Sox 4Ps Price Matrix - Website/Radio
- In schools
- Corporates: SPONSOR - Utilise the limited area
- Sell space to sponsors
- Better organize the placing of concesstions stands - Affiliate of the Boston Red Sox
- Inheriting a strong product with Minor League Baseball name
- Costs are low due to free stadium and MLB picking up a number of expenses STRENGTHS WEAKNESSES OPPORTUNITIES THREATS - Inability to gather current / relevant market research
- Focusing all attention on ticket prices
- Local market does not seem excited about the new team
- No differentiation between the college teams if their mission is entertainment and not baseball - Large demographic of families to cater to
- Local business men are investing into the town which could bring sponsorship revenue
- Build a new stadium which will show commitment to community and drawl in revenue from corporate sponsors. - Distressed economy
- In home entertainment is flashier than new baseball team
- College stadium controls their product. The product is not the team, it is the experience - Need new data: game attendance; ticket & concession prices.
- Questionaire Postcard: fans potential spending behavior.
- Poll Nor’easter stakeholder to formulate the questions.
- Fans asked to fill out the postcard and mail it back, call a phone number to give results, or fill out the form on the web. Rick, his son, Colin.. and YES.. ROY HALLADAY "WE DON'T REALLY SELL BASEBALL, WE SELL ENTERTAINMENT!" 26% 18% High School Graduate Some High School 33% Education
Level 23% College Graduate Some College Demographics 40% 14% $22,500-$44,999 $75,000 + 13% Income
Level 33% $22,499 and Below $45,000-$75,000 Springfield
150,000 60% 55,338
Households 25% Single
Men & Women Under
65 Famlies Children under 18 Capacity 3600 Seats 136,800
seats/year 38 Home Games Additional Revenue Sources Food
Arcade 36% Markup Iron Pigs Background
-Triple-A affiliate of Phillies
-Faced similar issues:
New minor league baseball team Demographics
-106, 600 Residents
-Median Household Income: $32,016 Capacity
-8,100 Seats
-1,900 Lawn Section Pricing
-$14.00 per seat ticket
-$6.00 per lawn ticket EXTERNAL RESEARCH >$1,005,879 Avoid Skewed Results:
- Get better mailing lists
- 4.2% surverys undelivered
- actual response 6.5%
- Possibly offer more incentive - Move out of town: only 1.05% gain
- Build a new stadium
- Wait for other businesses to invest in the area
- Resolve management issues: Buckingham (MD) & Cortez (GM)
- Liaison for getting corporate sponsors $ school camps
- Promote to the children: Gets the families involved automatically
- Promote ENTERTAINMENT Understand market better
- Maximise profit ACTION RESULT AGENDA Executive Summary
Major Issues
Firm & External Research
Market Analysis
Buyer Behavior
Questions Who Responded.. - Consider yourself a Baseball Fan: 60% NO
- in the past 2 to 3 years:
- how often have you attended a Major LB game: 76% NEVER
- have often have you attended Minor LB game: 83% NEVER
- if a Minor LB team came to Springfield: 60% would NEVER attend
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