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Adaptations of Desert Hedgehogs

No description

Heeyoun Ryu

on 3 December 2012

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Transcript of Adaptations of Desert Hedgehogs

Its Way of Survival Hibernation: A Problem Faced Extreme Cold
Hot climate. Desert Hedgehog's
Adaptations By: Julie and Heeyoun A problem Faced Its predators that
eat them. Its Way of Survival Kidney: A Problem Faced No Water! In arid regions, it avoids the extreme cold or winter season by retreating into a state of hibernation, and this hibernation also makes up for the lack of food (saving energy). Some Desert Hedgehogs in Africa also hibernate during the dry months although they search for food 1 a week.

Hibernation allows desert Hedgehogs to adapt to various extreme climates. Burrow: Desert Hedgehogs get water from their food especially from fruits, or the fresh moister after rain. Its Way of Survival Coloring (Camouflauge) Desert Hedgehogs have highly adapted kidneys, so they can go long periods without water. Desert Hedgehogs spends the day inside its burrow to avoid heat and comes out at night to hunt for food. To blend in with its sorroundings of a desert, its body has the mix of brown, yellow, white, and black, the colors of sand and rocks. Spikes: When the desert hedgehog feels threatened it will curl up into a tight ball to protect its head and underside, and its sharp spines will stick out in all directions. This way it will appear as a turly unappealing meal that will not be easily digested. A Problem Faced Hunting in

the Dark Its way of Survival Senses: Desert Hedgehogs relies on
its sense of smell above all other senses. It can detect familiar objects in its habitat from housing to food. (since its dark it doesn't relies on eyes as much).
It also uses its sense of hear to detect predators. (How it adapts to it)
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