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Past Simple

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Transcript of Past Simple

Past Simple
What is the past simple tense?
Analize the following sentences
Regular verbs
It is used to describe actions that started and finished at a specific time in the past

I went to the shopping mall yesterday
to Cartagena last summer
eight hours last night
Mike and I
a movie last weekend
What is the name of the blue words?
They are verbs, which are in past tense. In order to make a sentence in past we must understand the two kinds of verbs that exist in English: Regular and Irregular verbs.
The regular verbs are the ones that ends in ED when they are in past.
Irregular verbs
The irregular verbs are the ones that changes their whole writing when they are in past.

Play : Played
Study: Studied
Walk : Walked


Swim: Swam
Run: Ran
Sleep :Slept

Look at the following chart and see how the sentences in past tense are formed.
I swam in the swimming pool last week.
I did not swim in the swimming pool last week.
Did you swim in the swimming pool last week?
Carlos played soccer yesterday
Carlos didn't play soccer yesterday
Did Carlos play soccer yesterday?
There are some important tips at the moment of making sentences in past simple:
1. Remember to use a verb in past.
2. Don't forget the subject of the sentence
3. In past tense, you must use the auxiliar DID. In negative sentences use DID NOT or DIDN'T
4. Don't forget to use time expressions.
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