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International Marketing

No description

Kim Nhep

on 16 January 2013

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Transcript of International Marketing

photo credit Nasa / Goddard Space Flight Center / Reto Stöckli GLOBAL ADVERTISING INTERNATIONAL MARKETING AGENDA Outline (key points) of the chapter
Two important approaches
Localized Advertising
Multidomestic Advertising
Table/ charts
Top 10 Global advertisers
Top 10 Global Advertising Agencies
Conclusion CHAPTER'S OUTLINE I. Promotion as a competitive advantage
II. Global advertising task
III. The International World of Advertising
IV. 4 conditions -> powerful global ad
V. Pros and cons of global advertising
VI. 4 components of advertising TWO APPROACHES Global Advertising

Multidomestic Advertising GLOBAL ADVERTISING Advertising that is fairly uniform across many countries. MULTIDOMESTIC ADVERTISING International advertising deliberately adapted to particular markets and audiences in message or/ and creative execution Top Global Advertisers & Global Advertising Agencies in 2011 CONCLUSION
Budgeting and Organization
Message and creative
Media Selection 4 conditions of an ad
Message 4 components of advertising 1.Strategy.

2.Budgeting and Organization

3.Message and creative

4. Media Advantages Disadvantages - - Cost reduction
- Global market
- Global products, brands - Vulnerable to country specific barriers (Culture)
- Lack of uniqueness
- Incentives to local ad agencies Advantage Disadvantages Global advertising Multidomestic Advertising TOP 15 WORLD ADVERTISERS 1 - Coca-Cola Inc ($2.91B)
2 - Abbott Laboratories
3 - Adidas
4 - Aldi Group
5 - American Express
6 - Alheuser-Busch Inbev
7 - Apple
8 - AstraZeneca
9 - Bayer
2 - Acxiom
3 - Aegis
4 - Aimia
5 - AKQA
6 - Alliance Data Systems Corp.'s 7 - Epsilon
8 - Asatsu-DK
9 - Bartle Bogle Hegarty
10 - Brunswick Global advertising Strategy Budgeting Message and
creative Media Country-specific adaptations - Global reach
- Similarity of message - Enhance awareness
- Unique brand positioning - Percentage-of-sales
- Competitive parity approach: on the basis of what competitors spend
- Objective-task method Identical ads Prototype advertising Pattern standardization Pattern standardization Multidomestic campaigns Costly More effective Cost-efficient THANK YOU FOR LISTENING NGUYEN MAI PHUONG - 12410208
NGUYEN THI NAM PHUONG - 12210072 Countries subsidiaries'
cooperation Source : Ad Age Global 2011 Source : Ad Age Global 2011
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