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Knights And Samurais

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Ashley Cornejo

on 18 March 2014

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Transcript of Knights And Samurais

Knights And Samurai
Knights and Samurais are two different types of warriors that are both very powerful and they also have their differences and similarities. Knights come from Europe and samurais come from Japan, but due to their very common features they can be seen as almost the same warrior just with different styles and things such as where they come from or their loyalty.

of Honor
A knights code of honor was called the code of Chivalry, which was known as the guide of good behavior. A knight was expected to be brave and loyal to his master and to others. A Samurais code of honor is called Bushido, which was also known as the way of the warrior. A samurai's life was basically owned by their master, because their number one goal was to be loyal and to protect their master.
As a child a Knight had a couple of steps before he became an actually knight. At the age of seven a knight would work with the women, then they would train by doing things such as learning how to ride a horse, using weapons ,music, and art. After that they become a squire to wait on a knight and continue their training and afterward the become a knight. For a Samurai, they started training at a young age and worked their way up to successfully become a samurai after a series of training.
Life Style
Through out a Knights life they help out citizens and they protect their kingdom from evil. Their way of lay is to be brave and be loyal to their master because of their code of honor. A samurai devotes his life to his master and completes his goals such as protecting people and fighting off evil or making sure his lord is safe at all times
One of the slight differences of the two is their weapons. A Samurai had different weapons such as a katana,a bow, a small dagger, or spear, but their many weapon was a katana. A kights choice of weapon was mainly sword, but two other options were to use lances or their own fist, other then that swords were their main choice.
A samurai's Katana
A knights Sword
Document A and E
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