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The elements and principles of art

by Josh Lacey and Remy Dufresne

Joshua Lacey

on 13 March 2012

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Transcript of The elements and principles of art

The Elements and Principles of art Elements Texture It is an example of texture because you can feel the heat and grease on the pizza Line This is an example of line because the railings are leading to the main part of the picture Color The Oranges are
bright and stand out Shape This is shape because the
artichoke form a shapes This is space because there
is a lot of open space Space Form This is form because it is three dimensonal Value This is value because it shows strong contrast between the words and the paper Principles Balance This picture is balance
because it is symetrical Balance This is an example of balance because the picture is symmetrical Contrast This is an example of contrast because the whites are really light and the shadows are really dark Emphasis Because the purple from the lettuce really emphasizes the orange of the peppers Movement This is a good example of movement because you follow the length of the hallway with your eye Pattern This is a good example of pattern because it shows a pattern Rhythm Rhythm This is an example of rhythm because it has a musical ring to it Unity This is an example of Unity because there are only peppers in this picture, therefore achieving unity
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