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Animal Extinction

No description

Serena Harrington

on 1 February 2013

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Transcript of Animal Extinction

Animal Extinction The Woodland Caribou The Woodland Caribou Human Growth and Hunting Woodland Caribou Why they need saving... Land Hunting Is a large dark brown caribou with a light muzzle and heavily armored antlers, inhabiting forested areas of Canada and the northwest United States. A few reasons
why they are dieing And 5 ways people have figured out how to help Woodland Caribou are a virtually important species that helps keeps a constant and healthy forest environment in most of Canada and northwest US. They are one of the major food sources wolves and bears and other large predictors. Also for vultures, coyotes, hawks, fox, ravens, and other scavengers. If they are to die off or go extinct, most animals that rely on them as prey would be at a huge lost.
They also keep undergrowth, young trees, berries (etc.) at bay along with the help of other herbivores. They play a big part in their surrounding environment, such as others around them. But taking away this species would most likely devastate the forest around them. Thus threatening other species near by, such as in a "Domino Effect" around them. Over a long period of time, since about 1880's, the Woodland Caribou have lost over 50% of their vital needed breading and feeding grounds. Scientists predict that if the rate of loss continues, in the Ontario, the species will be gone by the closing of this century. The taking of forests and resource extraction, are two of the largest threats of their survival. Work Sighted http://www.2facts.com/icof_reuters_story.aspx?Type=1&ArticleTextID=BRE8AR1D3&term=Animal+Extinction%27 http://www.ontarionature.org/protect/campaigns/woodland_caribou.php
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