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No description

Sofia Uribe

on 27 February 2015

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Transcript of Beowolf

The first night that he hosted a banquet at Hall Heorot, a scary human eating monster named Grendal, came into Hall Heorot and ate everyone that was in the hall. The floor were covered in in blood. It was like a slaughter house
Many people heard of Grendal coming to Hall Heorot. A man named Beowulf had heard of him too. He wanted to fight Grendal. So he went to Hall Heorot and and put his sword on a small hill by a fen were Grendal lived. The sword reflected the sun and making a cross.
Beowulf had been patiently waiting for Grendal to come. When he did Beowulf was not afraid he stood by him and put him 10 fingers on his arm. He fingers burned his skin like fire. Beowulf ended up taking Grendal's arm out of his socket.
Grendal's mother, a snake as black as jet, long and fat is an immortal creature living since the beginning. The night she heard that Beowulf had killed her son she wanted revenge. She took back her sons arm. A man name Unferth had also disappeared.

Beowulf now wanted to kill Grendal's mother. He went to the fen and dove in. He dove in with his golden collar and his unbreakable helmet. Before he dove in he saw Unferth's head hanging on a tree by the fen.
A great king named Hrothgar lived in the Danes. He built a huge caste-like building. The walls were covered in gold and the floors were all ivory. It was called Hall Heorot.
He had found her. She pulled him into her cave and almost killed him. But before she did anymore he screamed. That had saved his life. He put her to sleep and swan back up with Grendal's head
When Beowulf returns everyone is happy. But Beowulf realizes that he misses home. So he asked the king if he could back. King Hrothgar said yes. When he went back there was a war that killed the king that ruled this land. The son of the king, Hydrid, was too young to rule. The queen asked Beowulf to be king but he said no. Hydrid grew up to be a strong king. but he also died in a war. So now Beowolf was king. He ruled for 40 years.
A fire breathing lizard named the Firedrake had burned the whole town. Beowulf went to see the Firedrake defeating him but died in the process.
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