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Karis O'Reilly

on 2 July 2013

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Transcript of Untitled Prezi

Our steps through year 7
Touch Typing...
On our touch- typing, project we went on touch-typing at the beginning of every lesson and tried to beat our scores, building up to the competition that we had at the end of term to see who was the fastest. Touch- typing is when you type without looking at the keyboard. It is designed to make you a quicker typer.
The screenshot here shows my scores. I completed all three levels like everyone else and then evaluated how i thought I did.
We enjoyed this because we were competing against our friends and trying to beat them.
do u wanna work on my computer with me
In this project, we worked on excel. Excel is a document for spread sheets and on it we were learning how to use the spreadsheets to do various different things. To help us learn, Miss Lesova set us an assignment. In this assignment we had to create a table on Excel showing how much it cost to feed each animal in the zoo and run the zoo.

I chose my favourite animals to have in my zoo and chose reasonable prices!

After we had finished our own, Miss Lesova had set one up for all of us and we had to answer questions. The screenshot shows what sort of questions we answered!

Spread sheets!
Thank you for watching our short presentation. We hope you now know a little bit about what we have done in year seven and the many other things there are to do on a computer that maybe you didn't know about.
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