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Florian Ritter

No description

Sarah Ram

on 13 November 2013

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Transcript of Florian Ritter

Florian Ritter
Past Life
Florian Ritter was born in Frankfurt, Germany.
Was a Creative Director at Middle Earth Advertising
Photographer Assistant at Dean McKenzie
Art Director at Rebranded
Screen Designer at Grimm Gallun Holtappels
Junior Art Director at McCann Erickson
Traveled around the world
posted the pictures at pflock photography
met friends from Asia, Australia, America
Photography & Design Director at PRISMO China

What Kind of Photographer
Florian Ritter is a Shanghai-based photographer.
Known for his landscape & travel photography.
Takes pictures of people from where he is travelling
also babies, toddlers and furniture
Philosophy behind photos rather than the technique.
Uses a Canon 5D MK 2
Lenses ranging from a 50 mm to a 200 mm
Why he likes photography
vision can capture emotions and transfer experiences.
seeks for the chemistry between people and camera
makes statements by shooting landscape.
China's Wonder
China's Wonder
China's Wonder
China's Wonder
There in germany
New Zealand South Island

Personal Life
He speaks German, English, French, Chinese
He is married
has 3 children
He now lives in china
Berufsakademie Ravensburg
Bachelor of Arts, photography and film

Klingerschule, Frankfurt
Abitur, Mathematics and finance

character studies
movies & documentarys
places in the middle of nowhere
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